Recommendations for the installation of universal mounts for saddlebags "Road trip"

In the kit with our saddlebags come with universal mounts:

In 2018, bags with a monolithic frame equipped with fixtures with amplifier:

The first stage of installation of the saddlebags is to install universal mounts on the bike.

First you need to collect - mounting kit (left or right). Complete with fixings supplied bolts, which is going a-line. For fixing bolts, nuts are not necessary because the mounts are already chopped all the necessary thread. It is recommended not to tighten the bolts securing the lower connecting bar, as when mounted on the motorcycle, a-line mounting must be movable.


The next step is the installation of a trapeze attachment on the wing of a motorcycle.


Here it is necessary to underline that not all motorcycles, our universal mount is suitable for "on time" and immediately install on regular places.

In some cases, you may need to install different spacers between the universal mount and a seat on the fender of the motorcycle. Such spacers in the mounting kit are not included but easily made from scrap materials.

Also, you may have to replace the stock bolts that attaches the trim on the wing or other accessories. Because of the length of standard bolt may not be enough for universal fixing of the trunks.

The second phase, after the installation of the trapezoid universal fixing - fitting the location of cases on a motorcycle.

For this purpose it is recommended to use double-sided tape:


Scotch glued to the-line of universal mounts.

Before the label tape is recommended to Unscrew the bolts that secure the lower bar of universal mounts.

   In this photo the bolts are not removed

The third stage is the most crucial is the fitting location of the bags on the mounts.


It is recommended to pay attention to three aspects:

  • bags should not be set too high, so that passengers do not have sits on the saddlebags (seat passenger the procedure prominaetsya under the weight of a passenger),
  • there's not much to move the bags forward to the passenger enough space for feet on the footrests,
  • in the selected position check how to open lid of the coffer prevents her something.

After you select the attachment box, you need the reverse side of the universal mount to mark the location holes on the plastic cases.

Now bags can be "unstuck" from the mounts and marked the places to drill holes with a diameter of 9 mm.

With bolts and wide washers (supplied), fasten the saddlebags on universal mount. Do not forget to put the bar lower anchorages, which we filmed at the second stage.

The installation of the saddlebags is over.

Optionally, the projecting remainder of the bolt threads on the rear of the mounts, screwed his nut. This is for the extra reliability for those who consider that the extra nut weight will not increase and the reliability will add. 




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